Foundation & Advanced Group Clinics

Group clinics limited to 8-10 horses and people.

The foundation clinic provides a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of clicker training in a fun group setting.
Foundation Clinic includes 2 days of extensive practical learning as well as theory sessions.

In the theory we will cover:
– How horses learn
– The behaviour science behind clicker training (how it works).
– How to apply clicker training effectively.
– How to train any behaviour at all.
– How to solve behaviour problems.

The topics of the practical sessions will depend on what the individual group is interested in and may include:
– Getting started with safely introducing your horse to clicker training.
– Ground Work and In-hand training
– Desensitizing
– Liberty Training
– Trick Training
– Solving Behaviour Problems
– Riding with the Clicker
– Foundation training under saddle

Clinic Cost: $300 per person. (Includes 2 clickers)


Advanced Group Clinics include 2 days of extensive theory, groundwork and riding.
The topics covered in the advanced group clinics will depend on the areas of interest of that particular group.
Can include: Groundwork, In-hand, Long reining, Liberty, Trick Training, Classical dressage up to the highest levels.
Obstacle training, Western Riding, Riding tackless, Riding with the Cordeo, Collection at Liberty, Solving Behaviour Problems, Working with Multiple Horses, Training towards Competition Dressage.

Clinic Cost: $300 per person. (Includes 2 clickers)